redis-cli 命令选项–raw中文输出

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8月 072013

[[email protected] ~]$ redis-cli –help

redis-cli 2.4.16 

Usage: redis-cli [OPTIONS] [cmd [arg [arg …]]] 

  -h <hostname>    Server hostname (default: 

  -p <port>        Server port (default: 6379) 

  -s <socket>      Server socket (overrides hostname and port) 

  -a <password>    Password to use when connecting to the server 

  -r <repeat>      Execute specified command N times 

  -i <interval>    When -r is used, waits <interval> seconds per command. 

                   It is possible to specify sub-second times like -i 0.1. 

  -n <db>          Database number 

  -x               Read last argument from STDIN 

  -d <delimiter>   Multi-bulk delimiter in for raw formatting (default: n) 

  –raw            Use raw formatting for replies (default when STDOUT is not a tty) 

  –latency        Enter a special mode continuously sampling latency. 

  –slave          Simulate a slave showing commands received from the master. 

  –pipe           Transfer raw Redis protocol from stdin to server. 

  –bigkeys        Sample Redis keys looking for big keys. 

  –help           Output this help and exit 

  –version        Output version and exit

–raw 显示中文,而不是"xd6xd0"

redis> set aaa 中


redis> get aaa

如果你是用的windows cmd,还是乱码,要设置窗口的编码

chcp 65001  就是换成UTF-8代码页,在命令行标题栏上点击右键,选择"属性"->"字体",将字体修改为True Type字体"Lucida Console",然后点击确定将属性应用到当前窗口